Softymo White Pack (For Nose only)

by Kose
$8.90 USD
$7.80 USD

Description by brand (Official Website):

Keratin plug loosen! The oil new blending
further evolution pores pack

  • Keratin plug loosen! Oil new blending.
  • Loosen and soften the surface of the chattering angle plug, remove clutter from the back.
    Aburaya dirt which is the basis of the horny plug also adsorbed, and to smooth nostril.
  • New soft contact sheet adopted.
  • Fit in even further on the soft sheet UP!
    Firm will take up to a fine corner plug because it fit into the gap without skin.
    Air vent slit to close contact with quite right to escape the air.
  • Old horny with horny plug is also removed, the skin a sense of transparency!