Place Whiter W Medicated Placenta Whitening Eye Cream

by Meishoku
$13.90 USD
$11.90 USD


Awards & Highlights

  • Sold over 1million units in Japan.
  • @Cosme Ranking Eye Cream No.1 (Sep - Dec 18)


Fast Facts

  • 30g
  • Made in Japan
  • Functions: Reduces dark spots, Anti-aging

Contains medicated whitening ingredient Placenta to suppress the formation of melanin. Added to that, the formula also contains firming ingredients such as collagen and barley extract to lift skin. 

The popular eye cream has been awarded the Number One whitening product by COSME Japan. Sold over 1,000,000 units in Japan! 

About Meishoku 

Meishoku is one of Japan's most trusted skincare brands which has been around for nearly 400 years, founded by Momoya Momoya who was born into a family of doctors, and had been in the medical industry since the Era of Kanaga (1624).