Mote Liner Liquid Eyeliner - Deep Black

by FlowFushi
$21.90 USD
$19.80 USD

Awards & Highlights

  • @ Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2018 Best eyeliner # 1
  • @ Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2017 Best eyeliner # 1

Fast Facts

  • Color: Deep Black
  • Made in Japan

This is one of the most famous liquid eyeliner that made of the traditional Japanese Kumano (熊野) brush, high quality, durable, and professional for makeup. High resistance to tears, sweat, and sebum, while still easy to be removed by lukewarm water, or eye makeup remover in some cases. Made use of non-dye colorant, that ensure a vivid color expression and continuous line drawing. It also contain unique skincare ingredients for nourishment.