Black Pearl Brightening Mask (NEW)

by My Beauty Diary
$2.30 USD
$1.89 USD

Description by My Beauty Diary:

1 Piece

Tahitian black pearl essence bright, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, can quickly infiltrate tired dull skin with hydrolyzed yeast protein, white and lemon extract to help repair the old waste horny update extreme disturbances continued and detailed texture smooth feeling, recall touching white makeup flawless skin.

Intensive Moisturising
Red algae combined with mallow extract water sense of vitality factor, instant relieve dry skin problems, complex sugar maple, sugar cane and leaf spot damage against Huanjingwuran bell flower extract, to avoid disturbing external touch Shen postal dull factor, giving the skin real moist feel, the more extreme hydrating skin rejuvenation through touch.

Black Pearl" was extracted in French Tahitian pearls in Tahiti coral waters to breed the ultimate net very precious black pearl, by way of hydrolysis hydrolysis extraction essence rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, deep infiltration remove dull skin feeling tired, wake original Addict white youth, to show the net, transparent, bright, white skin the ultimate touch, continue to have a flawless and meticulous smooth skin."