Holy Snail Premium Set  (Value: $24.8)

Holy Snail Premium Set (Value: $24.8)

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A premium snail filtrate and ginseng infused duo that includes the Premium Snail Eye Cream and the Herbal Snail Pure Natural Sun Cream. 

About Daandanbit

Daandanbit Korea is a Korean skincare brand that is famous for its use of advanced technologies to extract plant stem cells in its skincare lines. 

Premium Snail Eye Cream

The Premium Snail Eye Cream firms up tender skin around the eyes. The concentrated anti-aging eye cream is infused with precious ginseng extrat and snail filtrate to boosts blood circulation around eye area to ease puffy eyes, provide nutrients to tender skin around the eyes that are easy to show signs of aging. 

Key Ingredients: 

Purified water, glycerin, petrolatum, grape seed oil, dimethicone, snail mucilage filtrate, ginseng extract, carrot extract

Herbal Snail Pure Natural Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++

  • Snail slime has long been praised for its excellent healing and moisturising properties. Also blended with herbal extracts, the Daandanbit sun screen is loaded with snail slime filtrate and antioxidants, to moisturise skin and calm skin irritation while providing protection to skin from harmful UV rays.
  • SPF50 PA+++
  • 70ml