About Beautius

Beautius is a Hong Kong based company founded in 2015, with a vision to help every girl appreciate her natural beauty and to get pretty from head to toe.

It is often not easy to find the ever so hyped beauty products from Japan and Korea in non-Asian countries. And even if you are lucky to find them in your country, often than not they come with a big price tag. With our strong sourcing network and experts, you are now able to buy your favourite beauty products at consistently low prices. We hope to create a borderless community online and to provide easy access to Asian wonders to girls of all ages and ethnicities.

We encourage customers to give us feedbacks and tell us about what they would like to see in our store. So please do not hesitate to contact us anytime when you come across anything exciting in magazines and beauty blogs!

And do remember to keep up-to-date on our website for beauty tips!