Earn b-points

1. Refer a friend

200 b-points

Refer beautius to a friend and earn 200b-points when they make their first purchase.

Please go to Beans page for referrals.

2. Posting your haul or purchase 

100 b- points

You will be rewarded 100 b-points when you mention beautius in your posts of haul or purchase on main social networking sites

We would not restrict the content of your post, instead we wish that you can share your shopping experience with beautius truthfully

be it good or bad. 

Send an email to cs@beautius.com including links to your post and we will credit b-points to your account immediately.

3. Reviewing purchased products

5 b-points

You will be rewarded 5 b-points for every product reviews you post on beautius. Again, we would not impose any rules.

Whether you like it or not. Tell us about it.