9 Complex Facial Cream ( Multi-Function)

9 Complex Facial Cream ( Multi-Function)

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Guerrison is a Very Popular skincare brand from Korea famous for its use of permium quality of horse oil imported from Germany in their skin care products. As horse oil contains various nourishing compounds, it is effective in softening and repairing skin, fading scars and preventing wrinkles. As it contains oleic acid and α-linolenic acid which is similar to the composition of human subcutaneous fat, it can be easily absorbed into your skin. 

Guerrison's 9 Complex Cream is thick and creamy in texture. Lightly scented with citric.

Horse Oil

The use of horse oil has been well documentated in Chinese "Compendium of Materia Medica" since 16th Century. According to the ancient record, horse oil is capable of promoting hair growth, preventing freckles and treating chapped skin. 

According to a recent findings from Japan, it is found that horse oil has a similar composition of fatty acid as human sebum and contains a high amount of linolic acid. It has been tested by applying horse oil to skin, there is an increase in both water and oil content in the horny layer.

Horse oil is used in various medical purposes. For example:

1.          Exzema - to relieve itchiness and redness

2.          Stretchmarks - to reduce stretchmark scars

3.          Scalded skin - help speed up healing

4.          Chapped Skin - repairs and moisturises chapped skin

5.          Dry lips - repairs and moisturises Dry lips

6.          Insect Bites - relieves itchiness and speed up healing

7.          Split ends - repair damaged hair