Alps Edelweiss Ultra Repairing Mask (NEW)

Alps Edelweiss Ultra Repairing Mask (NEW)

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Alps Edelweiss Ultra Repairing Mask

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Edelweiss which grows high in the Alps is the queen of alpine flowers. When scientists got their hands on this plants, they found that it contain all sorts of great compounds beneficial to skin. These include chlorogenic acid, luteolin, bisabolane derivatives and beta sitosterol which are excellent agents that help repair skin and reduce severity of allergic reaction.

Improved formulat with patented ingredients Aquaroad™xTinysome x Cosphingo™

The formula has been upgraded to contain the combination of Aquaroad™xTinysome x Cosphingo™ that altogether enhance skin's moisture retaining ability and soften skin, leaving your skin soft and tender like a baby's skin.