Antartica Glycoproteins Moisturising Mask (NEW)

by My Beauty Diary
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Antartica Glycoproteins Moisturising Mask

Description by Brand:

1 Piece

Glacial Water as base

Glacial water with a mild ph level can help your skin maintain a healthy ph healthy by reducing acidity in your body and restore natural balance. It is one of the purest waters in the world and contain various minerals beneficial to skin such as calcium, chloride, magnesium, sodium, sulfate and silica. Used daily, it brings skin back to a deeply hydrated, translucent and glowing state.

Improved formulat with patented ingredients Aquaroad䋢¥_ÖTinysome ¥_Ö Cosphingo䋢

The formula has been upgraded to contain the combination ofŒæAquaroad䋢¥_ÖTinysome ¥_Ö Cosphingo䋢 that altogether enhance skin's moisture retaining ability and soften skin, leaving your skin soft and tender like a baby's skin.Œæ


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