Black Cotton Facial Mask Intensive Acne Healing - Single

Black Cotton Facial Mask Intensive Acne Healing - Single

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SexyLook is a well established skincare brand in Taiwan. Researched and developed by a group of 18 biological scientists, the brand also collaborates with the respectful micro-molecular specialist Igarashi Ichiro from Osaka to effectively combine high technology and selected plant-based and innovative ingredients in their products.

  • 28ml per mask sheet
  • Made in Taiwan

Each black mask sheet is made of 100% cotton, and is infused with activated carbon to absorb excess sebum. The moisturising formula contains blackcurrant essence and rockrose extract to increase moisture level in skin and as well give radiant glow to skin.

Intensive Acne Black Cotton Mask

The black mask is formulated to combat acne skin. Its special acne formula contains mineral-enriched obsidian, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, marigold and witch hazel extract to balance serum secretion, moisturise and calm irritations.