Clary Sage Moist Soothing Mask

by L'Herboflore
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Expiry 19th November 2018


L'HERBOFLORE is a Taiwanese luxury mask sheet brand. The brand is well known for their high quality mask sheets using herbal formulas. Each mask is beautifully designed by well known Taiwanse illustrators. L'HERBOFLORE is only exclusive to Taiwan and China regions.

Aromatherapy -Clary Sage Moist Soothing Mask

Formulated for oily, combination and blemish prone skin, the mask is soaked in rich clary sage leaf essence to help regulate sebum production, treat acnes as a mild astringent. The clary sage essence blends well with chamomile essence, proline and hyaluronic acid to provide excellent hydrating effects.

Made in China

L'herboflore manufactures their masks in both Taiwan and China. The brand gives guarantee that the formulas and ingredients used in both Taiwan and China are of the same high quality. All products are being strictly monitored by the brand to ensure high quality.

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