Cleansing Paste 120g

by Rosette
$8.90 USD
$7.90 USD

What You Might Want To Know

Ranked 15th Face Wash by Cosme Japan 2018 (First Half).

Fast Facts

  • 120g
  • Made in Japan

Rosette Cleansing Paste is available in 4 types

Sea Clay Smooth - Deep Pores Cleansing - Green

Contains fine sea clay that is rich in minerals to remove excess sebum and impurities that clog pores. Also contains rosa multiflora fruit extract to tighten pores.

White Clay Lift - Moisturising and Mild Clleansing - Pink

Contains fine white clay powder to gently remove excess sebum and impurities. Also contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise skin.

Ghassoul Bright - Brightening Skin - Yellow

Contains a blend of Ghassoul clay poweder from Morroco and argan oil to cleanse, remove impurities and nourish skin.


Sea Clay Smooth

Water,, potassium myristate,, stearic acid, glycerin, potassium stearate,, dipropylene glycol, tanakura clay, potassium laurate, lauramidopropyl betaine, talc, kaolin, trehalose octenylsuccinate, rosa multiflora fruit extract, glycyrrhizic acid, alcohol.

White Clay Lift

Water, potassium myristate, glycerin, ξstearic acid, ξdipropylene glycol, ξpotassium stearate, potassium cocoyl glycinate, PEG-75, potassium laurate, PEG-30, kaolin, sodium trehalose octenylsuccinate,, sodium hyaluronate,, hydrolyzed collagen,, hydrogenated lecithin, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol.

Ghassoul Bright

Water, potassium myristate, stearic acid, glycerin, potassium stearate, dipropylene glycol, moroccan lava clay, potassium laurate, cocamidopropyl betaine, talc, kaolin, ξsodium trehalose octenylsuccinate, ξargania spinosa (argan) kernel oil, glycyrrhizic acid, fragrance.