Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

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About 23 Years Old

23 Years Old is a very popular Skincare brand in Korea. The brand is famous for their homecare line - amazing beauty treatment products to use at home that delivers you equal results as you would get at beauty salons. Their recent market rocking products include the Aqua Bab Modeling Mask and Silky Mask. 

The Tension Sheet

It's not any ordinary sheet mask but a Tension Sheet. Made of elastic fibre, it is very stretchable and can hold up more essence than usual cotton sheet mask . The mask has small holes around the eye and nose area and that's it. With a closed face mask design (no holes for mouth and , you get the most out of the beauty treatment. 

Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

Functions - Intensely Nourishes and Hydrates Skin. Restores Skin Vitality.

Star Ingredients - Silkworm Cocoon Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Silk Extract, Arginine

The silky mask is formulated with a blend of silky proteins (see the star ingredients) to deliver instantly nourishing and hydrating results to dull looking skin.