Damage Care Perfect Serum

by Mise en scene
$12.90 USD
$8.90 USD

Mise En Scene is a Highly Popular hair care brand in Korea that specialises in hair care damage products.

Damage Care Perfect Serum can instantly repair hair damaged by hair dye, hot tools and perms. Enriched with royal honey, argan oil and rose water to instantly repairs and stengthened damaged oil to restore its suppleness. Widely used and loved by celebrities and beauty bloggers in Korea. It has been used and featured by Jun Ji-hyun in the Hottest TV Series - You Who Came From The Star.

  • 70ml
  • Made in South Korea
  1. Dry lightly with a towel after shampping.
  2. Evenly apply a coin size of this serum on the entire hair.
  3. Dry hair completely.
  4. No rinse is required

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