Egg Cream Holiday Recipe Book

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Too Cool For School Egg Cream Holiday Recipe is neatly designed to look like a cooking recipe book with the Egg Cream theme. It contains different various egg cream masks that target different concerns - Egg Cream Masks x 2, Egg Cream Mask Firming x 2, Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening x 2. 

Egg Cream Mask 

Functions: Nourishing, Hydrating, Soothing

A very soothing and nourishing facial sheet mask. Each sheet mask is packed with rich egg yolk extract that hydrates your skin from within and delivers superb nourishing effects. Also helps control sebum production and minimizes the appearance of pores. Use twice a week before bed for a more even and radiant complexion.

Egg Cream Mask Firming - Egg Yolk and Collagen

Functions: Firming, Lifting, Revitalising Dull Skin and Uneven Complexion

A microfiber sheet mask infused with collagen and egg extracts to firm and plump the appearance of skin.
This variation of the popular original Egg Cream Mask targets sagging and dull skin. High concentrations of active ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen create a stretchy texture to support the appearance of elasticity, while egg yolk extract nurtures the skin. The skin-fitting microfiber comfortably adheres to all facial contours to deliver active ingredients effectively. In as little as 20 minutes, skin appears visibly firmed and plumped, hydrated, and nourished.


Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening - Albumin Extract and Vinegar Extract Functions: Oil Control, Reduces Pores, Treats Acnes and Blemished Skin The ultra soft microfiber sheet is enriched with albumen (egg white extract) and venegar extract that work together effectively to minimise pores and clarify skin texture.