Hadakiwami Powder Wash

by Kose
$28.90 USD
$24.90 USD
What You Might Want To Know Ranked 6th as the Best Cleanser by Cosme Japan in 2018 (First Half) Ranked 1st as the Best Cleanser by Cosme Japan in 2015. 
  • Soft and smooth. An enzyme facial cleanser that utilizes moisturizers derived from rice to soothe and hydrate skin.
  • This powder facial wash removes dead skin cells and impurities with the natural moisturizing power of rice, so skin feels clean, smooth and fresh.
  • 32 capsules of 0.4 g
  • Made in Japan

Cleansing Ingredients:

Protein digesting enzymes (proteases),
sebum clearing ingredient (Silica sodium lauroyl glutamate)

Moisturizing Ingredients:

Natural rice derived moisturizing substances
[ Rice sterol, Rice Bran Oil, Rice Germ Oil ]
*Rice sterol is a phytosteryl oleate.

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