Hello Kitty Essence Mask

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 Pure Smile Hello Kitty Essence Mask Set features 4 different variants - Japanese Sake, Pearl, Rice and Soy Isoflavone. 

1. Japanese Sake 

- High concentration of Japanese Sake that is rich in enzymes and amino acids resulting from the fermentation process. Sake can gently exfoliate skin, brighten and refresh skin.

2. Pearl

- Pearl powder extract promotes youthful skin, reduces pore sizes, lightens skin tone and improve texture. It's also a nutural moisturising agent that moisturises skin and improve skin's water retention ability.

3. Rice

- Rice is rich in linoleic acid and sqaulene, an effective antioxidant that promotes collagen production in skin and protects skin from sun damage. 

4. Soy Isoflavone

- A potent antioxidant that can protect skin against inflammation and sun damage. Also considered as a powerful moisturiser as well as oil inhibitant that can moisturise skin and balance oil secretion. 

  • The complete mask set contains 16 masks in total (Sake x 4; Pearl x 4; Rice x 4; Soy Isoflavone x 4).
  • Single mask is also available 
  • Made in Japan