Long & Curl & SUPER WATER PROOF Mascara

by Heroine Make
$17.90 USD
$14.90 USD
What You Might Want To Know
  • Ranked 3rd as the Best Mascara by Cosme Japan in 2018 (First Half)
  • Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2017 Best Mascara No.3 
  • Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2015 Best Mascara No.2
  • Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2014 Best Mascara No.1 
Fast Facts
  • Made in Japan
  • Black

Long & Curl & SUPER WATER PROOF Mascara from Heroine Make delivers perfectly separated, beautifully curved, intensely coloured lashes. Longer fibres, up from 3mm to 5mm, gives you a 140% lengthening effect to your lashes. For fuller looking lashes, apply from the base of the lashes to the tips for a glamorous look.

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