Honey Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack

by Deletable
$1.79 USD

Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack

The mask sheet is designed to be as breathable as possible that you can barely feels it and yet still able to hold up all the essence without dripping. It adheres to face perfectly that it won't fall off easily. Each mask is soaked in a generous amount of essence.ξ

The Ringer Mask Collection comes with 7 variants targeting different skin concerns.

  • EGF DeepŒæ
  • Functions - Restores Elasticity, Reduces Wrinkles
  • Star ingredients: Bird's Nest Extract, Amino acids, Proteins
  • Vita Deep
  • Functions - Restores Skin Vitality, Brightens Skin, Moisturises Skin
  • Star ingredients: Vitamin E, various fruit and herbal extracts
  • Tea Tree Deep
  • Functions - Calms and Relieves Redness, Brightens and Moisturises Skin
  • Star Ingredients - Tea Tree Extract, Ceramide, Lotus and Iris Extract
  • Fruit Deep
  • Functions - Cleanses Pores, Controls Oil Production
  • Star Ingredients - A blend of different fruit extracts
  • Honey Deep
  • Functions - Restores Skin Vitality, Brightens Skin
  • Star Ingredients - Honey Extract, a Blend of Herbal Extract, Proteins
  • Red Ginseng Deep
  • Functions - Whitens and Brightens Skin, Anti-Aging, Revitalizes Skin, Reduces Wrinkles
  • Star Ingredients - Coenzyme Q10, Red Ginseng Extract, Antler Extract
  • Centella Asiatica DeepŒæ
  • Functions: Calms and Relieves Redness, Moisturises Skin
  • Star ingredients - Byonpuru extracts and a blend of fermentated herbal extracts


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