Intensive Moisturising Duo Lifting Mask with Neck - Daisy

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The Intensive Moisturising Duo Lifting Mask is infused with high concentrated Hyaluronic Acid and other herbal essences (mallow, mint, European primrose, cape grass, speedwell, lemon balm and yarrow alongside tranexamic acid, and rice extract).

The highlight of the mask is that it contains flakes of gold that are gentle to skin.

The mask has a 4D V-shaped cutting that extends to neck with ear hooks design that can conform to face perfectly. The black mask is specially designed to have honeycomb-like construction to maximise absorption of the beauty essence. The ear hook and neck panel will ensure the essence reaches your face and neck and give a lifting effect.

Intensive Moisturising Duo Lifting Mask (with Neck)  - Daisy

  • Daisy Extract
  • Gold Flakes 
  • Made in Taiwan