LuLuLun Plus - Sweet Drop (Honey)

by LuLuLun
$4.45 USD

About LuLuLun

LuLuLun is a popular sheetmask brand in Japan that create masks for everyday use. It encourages wearing a new mask everyday to moisturize and nourish skin. The brand is well known for not using mineral oil, coloring or fragrance. Itäó»s gentle to sensitive skin.

The LuLuLun Plus is a new collection released in 2017.ξ

LuLuLun Plus - Sweet Drop (Honey) Mask

The mask contains Manuka honey extracted from Maoli, New Zealand, to indulgently nourish and hydrate skin. The rich honey essence works to restore, replenish and comfort skin, providing intense, nourishing treatment to make skin softer.

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