Moisturizing UV Cut Emulsion Whitening SPF50+ PA++++

by Sofina
$38.90 USD
$32.90 USD
Fast Facts
  • 30ml
  • Made in Japan
  • Sun Protection: SPF50+ PA++++
  • Functions: Sun Protection, Whitening 
Contains ceramide care*1 ingredient* Protects skin from daytime dryness caused by UV rays, air conditioning, etc., to keep skin moisturized all day long.*3 *1 Skin care that moisturizes by supporting and supplementing the action of ceramides *2 Hexadecyloxy PG hydroxyethyl hexadecanamide (moisturizing ingredient) *3 Between application in morning and removal at night.
Cultured Tuberose Essence α*
Cells from the petals of tuberose —cultured for three years in a harsh environment to weed out all but 0.5%—produce the essence that goes into our moisturizing formula. *Moisturizing ingredient: Tuberose polysaccharide, glycerin ●Long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB rays
●Can be used as makeup primer
●To remove, wash thoroughly with facial cleanser
Delicate "floral dewdrop" fragrance