Natto Fermentated Moisturising Mask (NEW)

by My Beauty Diary
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Description by My Beauty Diary

1 Piece

Intensive Hydration
Natto extract poly glutamic acid rich in protein, moisturize and repair dry horny skin hydrogel film formed on the surface and find health care enhance skin barrier defense, closely unite and prevent excessive loss of moisture. With licorice root, fermented rice, high performance efficiency plant extracts, moisturizing, whitening, clean once completed, make skin feel extreme abundance of water saturation.

Fur Songzao, lecithin and other energy moisturizing essence vitality, composite aloe vera, orange and citron fruit extract, needed to adapt to meet the changes in the environment protection factors, the ultimate moist skin drying fine lines, enhance skin elasticity compact conferred strong, so that the skin from the inside out supple stretch.