Precious Red (7 pcs)

by LuLuLun
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About LuLuLun

LuLuLun is a popular sheetmask brand in Japan that create masks for everyday use. It encourages wearing a new mask everyday to moisturize and nourish skin. The brand is well known for not using mineral oil, coloring or fragrance. Itäó»s gentle to sensitive skin.

LuLuLun masks come in different variations. The Basic Collection includes the Blue, the Pink and the White. They are the most affordable masks you could go for.

Basic Collections: 

  • Blue - Rich Moisture
  • Pink - Balance Moisture
  • White - Brightening

Precious Anti-Aging Collection

The Precious Anti-Aging Collection is formulated for people who are 40+, and want to improve aging skin.

Red - Nourishing

With a rice-derived beauty serum containing rice bran oil, rice ceramide, and more, this skincare mask helps provide aging skin with rich moisture to care for problem areas. The perfect-fit mask is now even softer and fits closer to the skin, with fewer slits in the sheet, which has been designed to fit the face of average Japanese users. Designed to carefully fit around the mouth and eye areas.

Gold - Brightening

Contains niacinamide to brighten and even skin tone while focusing on anti-aging.


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