Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow

by Kiribai
$14.90 USD
$13.90 USD

Awards & Highlights

  • @Cosme Ranking Other Products No.2 (Sep - Dec 18)

Fast Facts

  • Steam Eye Pillow x 1
  • Made in Japan
  • Functions: Stress Relieving Boosting Blood Circulation around the eyes
  • Can be reused up to 250times! 

In modern life, works & internet surfing give enough pressure to your eyes!

This innovative eye warming pillow generates comfortable warming vapour, gives you a comfortable warmth for over-used eyes from full day's work in 10 minutes! Soothe, relief, and recover!


Natural Vapor from Red Bean helps relieve Tiring Eyes

Red Bean is a kind of plants which contains high water content, compared with other cereals or beans. After heating, the water content evaporates and release vapour. This warm vapour can effectively penetrate into body and relieve stress and tiredness.



  • Eye pillow releases comfortable warming vapour, suitable for tiring eyes after working a day.
  • The natural red bean warming effect can help relieve the eye tiring feeling. 
  • Shape and size of the eye pillow suit the face, thus the warming effect can spread through the eye surrounding. 
  • Simply reheat using microwave oven for use. 
  • Reusable and convenient to use.

Ingredients: Red Beans, Green Beans


How to Use

  1. Take out the eye pillow. Surface with words faces down and put it in the middle of the microwave oven. (Please clean the inside well) 
  2. Reheat according to the illustration shown in figure 2. Do not reheat in microwave oven of 700W or above. 
  3. Take out the eye pillow from the microwave oven and gently put it over the eyes. Standard time of using is 5 minutes. 
    * Do not reheat in other appliances except microwave oven. 
    * Do not exceed the instructed reheating time.
  4. After reheating in microwave oven, the words “キケン” may appear on the product surface, that means the product has been overheated. Please use it after the words disappear. Overheated product may hurt your eyes. 
    Due to different types of microwave ovens or different environment, even if the product is reheated according to the instructed time, the words “キケン” may also appear.