Revitalizing Essence Facial Mask

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Description by brand:
    Dr. Morita Revitalizing Essence Facial Mask has a youth renewal formula that contains caviar essence, Fullerenes, Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin etc to rejuvenate skin. Frequent use can leave skin moisturised, brightened and firmed.   Key Ingredients Caviar Essence - Rich in Amino Acids and Vitamins. Can effectively moisturise skin and boost skin vitality. Fullerenes - Strengthens skin's resilience against harmful environment substances, boosts collagen synthesis and prevents skin from aging. Hyaluronic Acid -Ultra hydrating element that locks in moisture in skin to keep your skin moisturised. Glycyrrhizic Acid - Hydrates and brightens skin. Also calms skin irritation. Allantoin - Soothes, relieves skin irritations.