Snail Perfect Repairing Mask Pack

Snail Perfect Repairing Mask Pack

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About Choonee

The story of CHUNHEE

CHUNHEE, a young lady just came up to Seoul from the countryside, who looks slightly less refined and brainy to become an urban girl. She is re-born with beautiful and lovely look by using the cosmetics made with best recipes. How was CHUNHEE able to change herself to a beautiful CHOONEE? What kind of cosmetics made her have such beautiful skin? Let's go into her daily life together.

Choonee Snail Perfect Repairing Mask Pack

Functions: Repairs, Firms and Moisturises Skin

Description by the brand:

This finely made sheet mask is enriched with Snail Secretion Filtrate which contains allantoin, glycol acid, collagen and elastin  to boost cell regeneration in skin, repairing weakened skin caused by environmental damages.