Super Vital Cream VIP Special Gift

$14.90 USD
$9.80 USD


1. Super Vital Extra Moist Softener 0.67oz / 20ml

Creates watery and soft skin and maintains skin balance with Neo Lipid Carrier (N.L.C.), which penetrates plant-derived Omega-3 deep into the skin

2. Super Vital Extra Moist Emulsion 0.67oz / 20ml

Restores skin texture and strengthens skin's defense with N.L.C.

3. Super Vital Extra Moist Serum 0.16oz / 5mlξ

Moisturizes the skin and revitalize resilient skin with N.L.C.

4. Super Vital Cream Bio Intensive 0.24oz / 7mlξ

Activates elements in skin and makes the skin firmer.

5. Super Vital Extra Moist Eye Cream 0.1oz / 3mlξ

Solve the problem all over the eyes such as eye wrinkles, dullness and poor elasticity.

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