Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothing Mask

Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothing Mask

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About L'herboflore

L'HERBOFLORE is a Taiwanese luxury mask sheet brand. The brand is well known for their high quality mask sheets using herbal formulas. Each mask is beautifully designed by well known Taiwanse illustrators. L'HERBOFLORE is only exclusive to Taiwan and China regions.

Party Sweet Heart - Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothing Mask

Strawberry Extract contains polyphenols, ellagic acid and vitamin C that can moisturize and give the skin a rosy glow. Lactic Acid has purifying and whitening effects, reducing dullness and pigmentation, and has softening effect to make the skin more supple.

Made in China

L'herboflore manufactures their masks in Taiwan and China. The brand guarantees that the ingredients and formula used in both manufacturing locations are the same. All products are being strictly monitored by the brand to ensure consistently high quality.