Transino Whitening Facial Mask

by Transino
$6.90 USD
$5.90 USD

Awards & Highlights

  • @ Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2014 Best Seat Mask No. 2

Fast Facts

  • Single Mask/ Box of 4
  • Made in Japan
  • Functions: Whitening Treatment, Dark Spot Fading

This concentrated whitening sheet mask delivers brightness, elasticity, and moisture to the skin. With a multi-functional micro fiber sheet that rests gently on your skin, the rich, moisturizing essence is delivered deep down into the skin.

One piece of Transino Whitening Facial Mask consists of 65 times whitening complex, effectively improve the spots. With the multi-functional micro fiber sheet resting gently on your skin, it delivers rich, moisturizing essence deep down into the skin, soon softening the outer skin layer and maximizing the absorption effect. Use before sleep. Your skin can be revitalized next morning.

  • Whitening and spots reduction: Impeding the production of pigmentation, preventing dark  spots
  • Moisturizing skin: Deep and long-lasting moisture, keeping skin hydrated for long time
  • Enhancing skin elasticity: Giving supple and lifted skin

Suitable for allergic skin: Very different from other whitening mask. It has no artificial coloring, free from fragrance and is hypoallergenic.

No artificial coloring / Fragrance free / Hypoallergenic