Camellia Hair Care Oil 60ml

by Oshima Tsubaki
$18.90 USD
$15.90 USD

What You Might Want To Know

  • Cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2014 @ cosme 15th Anniversary Highest Award
  • 2009 @ cosme Best Cosmetic Awards 10th Anniversary Special General Award
  • 2005 @ cosme Best Cosmetics Grand Prize Hall of Fame entered
  • 2004 @ cosme Best Cosmetics Grand Prize Hair care 1st place

Fast Facts

  • 60ml
  • Made in Japan

Oshima Tsubaki Camelia Hair Care Oil is a multi-purpose treatment oil that can be used to nourish hair and skin. The decades-old formula is still in use. It is still one of the most beloved product from generations to generations in Japan.

Tips for Hair and Scalps

- Use a drop or 2 on dry hair to tame frizzy hair. 

- Use a few drops on damp freshly washed hair to nourish and repair hair. 

- Use a drop or 2 on flaky irritated scalp. 

Tips for skin

- Use on skin to nourish cold weather induced fakiness


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